French fishing for Carp, Catfish & Sturgeon
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Hi David
Sorry its taken a while to write to you but my arm is only just getting back to normal..
Just thought i would let you and everyone know what a great week both myself and Phil had with you at Milin de rouchec.
Both Phil and myself caught out P/B's this week Phil's is now 27lb 10oz and mine is 25lb 11oz both perfectly conditioned Royal Carp (as we now know them to be) see you learn something everyday...!
As you know i had a bit of trouble for the first couple of days where i think Phil had doctored my swim..! although i did catch loads of fish, Once id moved swims and fished one you told me to try there was no looking back, thats when the bigger ones started to come..
In total we caught 18, 20lb+ Fish between us phil having the most, the lucky so and so, (not that i call him anything as polite as that you understand and he had a head start on me after all), and about 20 fish into the high doubles including a gorgeous 18lb 10oz Common again in perfect condition.
In total we caught in excess of 120 fish in 5 days, and if the fish hadnt been getting rather randy on friday (spawning) im sure we would have added another 10-20 to our total.
What more can an avid Carp angler ask for in one weeks fishing.
As you know we didn't fish at night so all our fish came in the day time, our nights were spent in the bar having a well earned drink with you and Natalie, not forgetting Andrew (Mr Sturgeon) of course....!!!
Once Phil has sorted out the Picture and put them on a disc ill send you a copy for your pictures board..
Once again thanks for everything it was one of the best weeks fishing we have ever had and one we will not forget in a hurry, Hoping to see you all again soon...
Give our regards to the human sturgeon (Andrew)
Most of all thanks to you, you helped make it a great week for the two of us. Cheers
Mark Winkley
Hi Dave,
I just want to say what a fantastic time we had with you all in march, the weather was good to us and the people we met were even better, food was great, accommodation and beer. Sent a pic of my sturgeon and carp and my brothers cat. We have already said that we will be booking for June hopefully next year.
All the best
Carl       0033 297516362 Address: Milin De Ruchec, 56540, St Caradec Tregomel, France
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