French fishing for Carp, Catfish & Sturgeon
Please email us your comments for the Milin De Ruchec.

Hi Dave/Cliff,
Here is something for your comments page;
On arrival at Milin Ruchec my family/party were made completely welcome by Milin's owner (and my weeks resident heavy drinking partner) Dave, and the super chef Cliff. We could not believe how peaceful and scenic this place is, Dave and Cliff are on call day and night to help you and sort out any problems you may have, the standard of the facilities on site are second to non, and everybody even the young are catered for. The Fishing we had all week can only be described as hectic, from minute one we had run, after run, after run, with a combined total of over 3 and half ton's of Fish, 23 were over 20lbs, 5 were over 26lbs, 2 over 28lbs, with all the party except myself and my fishing mate braking there PB's. When your arm's cant take anymore you can retire to the onsite Bar and meet the Karaoke king's, every evening is a fun one, the beer flow's, the day's stories are told, and the chef's special curry come's out, you then simply get drunk/unwind and start again the next day, night fishing we tried to do but after 10 to 15 run's into darkness and run's all day long you need to rest or pass out. The week ended all too soon for us, so we are going back next year for two weeks, I cant recommend this site highly enough, if you want a good fishing Holiday where you can bag up then pay a visit to Dave  at Milin de Ruchec.
Regards and Best wishes,
Mark Cooksey.
Hello David

Here is the picture of my 20lb 10oz fish as I promised. My dad and I would like to thank you for our holiday it was fantastic. Can you please let me have David's email as I would like to thank him for letting me have the boilies which caught my carp.

Dad wants to know what dates you have left for this year, and what dates you have available for next year to book the apartments.

Thank you again
Ryan Widgery       0033 297516362 Address: Milin De Ruchec, 56540, St Caradec Tregomel, France
Please phone Email
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