French fishing for Carp, Catfish & Sturgeon
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Hi Dave
Just a few lines to express our thanks for the best weeks fishing we have ever had. We managed a ton (2240lb.) of fish between us with fish of 36lb and two fish of 34lb to give us all nex PBs. we look forward to next year with great anticipation hoping to get amongst the 40s. Thanks again to you and your good lady.
Mac, Graham and Gary.
Hi Dave and Morgan
Thanks for giving us the chance of having a great 2 weeks at your splended facility, the whole of our party had a great time both during the day and during the evening. We hope you enjoyed our company aswell as we enjoy yours. I have sent you some of the pictures you wanted but i may find some more later. i'll keep in touch cheers mate
Leroy, Net, Rog, Scott, Leanne, Craig, Matt, Scott, and Emily
Ps dilligaf .......Ha Ha Ha Ha xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Dave
Its time for my annual report, well after my brother Terry and my visit last year and having my arms stretched enough to replace my wardrobe, i took my own advise and visited my local gym for a few weeks before venturing out of the gite on a cloudy Sat morning, so there i am on the bank with my arms looking like popeye the sailor mans than the Mr Beans from last year, but what i should have done is spent a few hours down my local swimming pool because the heavens opened up, we had never seen so much rain let alone attempt to catch fish in it, after two days and nights of constant rain and high winds we decided to toss a coin as to weather carry on fishing or start cutting trees down and build an arc to try saving two of everything, well after numerous attempts the coins disapeared 4 inchec into the mud soon as they hit the bank so being true fishermen and running out of small change plus the fact that i'd broken my PB twice already 31lb then 36lb we opted to carry on fishing, well day 3 and it stopped raining so now the serious fishing started being able to move around the lake trying different swims etc, but the result was still the same fish fish and more fish, fantastic time Terry and i had over 120 fish each with at least 50 being between 20/30lb plus a 31/33/36lb and to top it all off i had a 41lb mirror (jnyx) as my last catch of the trip, all that was during the day as we only fished couple of nights for carp as we thought we'd try for catfish at night, never tried before but quick bir of advise from you Dave (whos never caught one) and me bruv hooked into a 28 pounder which i managed to sleep through as i'd accidentally turned off my two way radio, i had 11 catfish runs in total but failed to hook any but gives me good reason to come back next year , plus the foods good and lets not forget the beer and good company to, thanks again Dave for great experiance will see you next year.
Ian / Terry       0033 297516362 Address: Milin De Ruchec, 56540, St Caradec Tregomel, France
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