French fishing for Carp, Catfish & Sturgeon
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w/c 07-04-2007 Hiya Dave & Morgan Would just like to say a great big thank you to you for making our 3rd trip to Milin de Ruchec yet again a fantastic and unforgetable experiance, as always your where great hosts and helped out in any way you could, even booking the table for us to have a meal in the nearby town ( Ostritch mmmm). Also the bar was well stocked and never ran out even if we did try our hardest to drink it dry (at least the local bottle bank likes us) On the fishing front well what can i say this was our third visit and the fish just get bigger and better every year, looking at some of there bellies they resemble sumo wrestlers... In total this year as a group we caught in the region 24 x 20lb+ . . . ( mostly high 20's up to a 29lb 12oz) 8 x 30lb+ . . . ( up to 36lb my new pb.......) 1x 41lb 3oz . . .(currently the biggest of the year) but im guessing it will be beaten.. 5 out of the 6 of us improved our pb's this year which isnt bad when you consider three of us had previously caught 30lbers..(one if us been the one who didnt quite get a new pb but got pretty close).. Now we all have a 30lber under our belt so need i say more Big Mak graced my Dad with his presence at 35lb 15oz (and this is the first time my 67 year old dad has ever been carp fishing in his life been a River Trent man all his life) Our new group pb list is like this now thanks to Milin de Ruchec Mark...........36lb Phil.............34lb 15oz Ernie...........33lb 11oz Brain...........35lb 15oz (Big Mak) Andy...........35lb 3oz (last year at Milin de ruchec) Sam............41lb 3oz We will see you next year and see about improving this list again which im pretty certain we will......... So once again i would like to say a great big THANKS from
Mark, Phil, Brian, Ernie, Andy and young Sam
Hi Dave, Morgan and Ryan, I know Neil has forwarded lots of fab photos already, but we found this one of Zoe ! Just to let you know we ALL thoroughly enjoyed our week with you and Morgan. We obviously knew the fishing was going to be great from the comments posted on your website but was totally overwhelmed by the way you catered for the poor fishing widows and orphaned children !!!!!!!! All joking aside the hospitality shown towards us all was second to none. We all enjoyed the evenings entertainment (curries, karaoke and of course the occasional bottle of rose wine !) Fishermen, kids and wives alike cannot wait to return, we will no longer refer to this as 'our fishing holiday' but as a 'real holiday' Thanks again, See you all soon,
The Roofes and The Perrys.
Hi Dave

Many thanks for the kind hospitality last week, despite the weather not being very kind it was a good week as far as the fishing. I must say its a long time since we have received the hospitality shown by you and your family having now been fishing in France for over 10 years.

hi dave,
just quick message to say thanks for great weeks fishing my brother terry and i had arms are still aching two days after getting home, its ok having a holiday at milin but no one told me your up all day and half the night having your arms pulled off so many times that I've had to replace my wardrobe cos my arms are 4 inches longer than they were before, broke my PB 3 times in one trip cant be bad can it, looking forward to returning next year going to visit my local gym first get bit stronger or i`ll end up like an orang-utan after another week there.
Thanks again mate see you next year.

ian,       0033 297516362 Address: Milin De Ruchec, 56540, St Caradec Tregomel, France
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