French fishing for Carp, Catfish & Sturgeon
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Hi Dave
Thanks for the great week we all had in September 05 , we were that impressed we booked the following year after only 2 days. we were a fishing party of 4 and never fished France before , you made us very welcome, helped us in our fishing with tips, bait, etc, . Meals were good and so was the entertainment. we all beat our , one of us on the first day. We had a competion throughout the week , with biggest fish of the day, receives a beer from the others. this was won by all at some stage, and over the week the biggest fish, received a tenner from the others, paying for the the licence. On the wends just 2 of us fished from 8 o'clock to 6 o'clock and had over 400lb of fish between us. at the end of the week our top catch was 34.5lb, i am sorry but there are to many fish to log them all , we lost count of the carp we caught over 18lb. and i don't think anyone caught anything under 7lb. We are reluctant to tell anyone of your lake as we feel that we need to keep it to ourselves, a bit selfish , but no, being serious ... thank you for the best fishing i know, we have ever had . and now cannot wait until we meet you and your good lady again. PHILL W. PAUL B. WINK, and JOE.

Having planned and organised the trip for Marianne and myself for a weeks fishing at Milin De Ruchec, the time had finally arrived for us to get our
stuff together and head off from Oxfordshire in our trusty Renault Clio down through the French Countryside to Dave's base deep in the Brittany countryside.
(the trip took 5 and a half hours from Le Havre - Milin De Ruchec). It was quite a surprise that we actually found the place as I had forgotten to bring
directions to the place. (amazing what a few hours spent checking out the website can do!)
As soon as we had arrived we were welcomed to our Gite, and were immediately made to feel at home. We then went straight to the bar, and met the last
group of guys passing through, and of course the usual regulars on a Friday night ( Andrew, Tony etc etc). First night and already I was in full swing
with the drinking and left the bar at 3 in the morning!!! This set the standard for the rest of the week......
Having gained all the useful info on tha lake and it's contents from Dave and Tony, I was prepared and ready to tackle the beats within!!! And oooh
boy I wasn't ready or expecting the amount, quality and size of the fish that Marianne and myself caught throughout the week!!
My PB before I went to Milin, was a mere 21lb 9oz Common. I had smashed that on the first day with a 25lb'er!!! Each day the fish got bigger and bigger,
and my PB kept getting smashed each day!!!
We only fished 5 days, as one day I was a drinking casualty, and the other day, we decided to visit the local area, and very beautiful it is too!!
Over the week, we managed to catch 52 carp. 27 singles, 23 doubles, 5 x 20's and my new PB of 31lb!! As you can see from the photograph, I was well chuffed
and it topped off a cracking week!!! If it's possible Dave, I would like to name the fish Squidmonkey (after my carp forum name), if it hasn't been
named already??
I would like to thank Dave and his team for making us feel at home and for catering for all our needs. I'd also like to thank Steve, Roy and Wally,
for also for making the trip so enjoyable as they were great fishing companions as well as drinking and Karaoke partners. See you again chaps!

If you want a beautiful place to fish where you are guaranteed to catch fish and have fun, then this is the place for you!! The food is great and so is the company. We have already booked up
our place for next year and we can't wait to see all our new found friends!!!

Thanks Matt and Marianne       0033 297516362 Address: Milin De Ruchec, 56540, St Caradec Tregomel, France
Please phone Email
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