French fishing for Carp, Catfish & Sturgeon
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a big thanks to Dave for another fabulous weeks fishing and entertainment at milin de ruchec. For me, being a second time visitor, i did not expect to beat the quantity and quality of the fish i caught on my first visit (44 fish, biggest 26lb 12oz mirror), but what happened on the week of 27th aug / 4th sep, really had to be seen to be believed. The Sunday morning saw my new PB emerge on a maple 8 boilie from the far margin. Weighing in at 30lb 8oz, it set my week up nicely.
In fact the week went on to produce 125 carp, of which there were 10 x 20lbers ranging from a nice 29lb mirror down to 22lb. By the time the last
thing was packed away on the Saturday morning my arms were in need of some major rest. Matty, who i was fishing with also broke 100 fish, going on to
net 113 in total. I have already booked the whole lake for next year and am bringing out some friends to see the magic for themselves. Milin de Ruchec
proves once again that value for money can be found in the right places if you look hard enough. As well as the genuinely clean on site facilities that
are provided ( one of these is a new hydro-massage shower), it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to fish anywhere else. The whole complex is a
testament to Dave's hard work and determination in bringing quality angling to the masses. Once again thanks for everything and the photos i promised
will be sent shortly. See you next year.
Simon Niemiec
hi there Dave how are you,
just like to say what a great time i had at Milin de Ruchec would highly recommend any carper wanting to visit France to give Milin de Ruchec a go first. But also to go by ferry via St Malo and not Calais ha ha. I'm
definitely coming back soon. Could email me with what weeks are available this year up to September thanks.
Roy Williams

What a great week, can't recommend this place highly enough to anybody reading this comment. Both myself Andy (also a veteran of a second year) Barry & Dave had a great week at De Milin Ruchec. Shame the whole week was like a sauna on the lake, but hey we all got a good tan........I think I even lost some weight which is always a bonus lol. Even though the weather was a little hot we still caught around 150 Carp between the four of us over the coarse of the week with 15 of those over 20 pound. We all managed to bank a 20 pound plus carp. The highlight of the week must have been the two 20 pound catfish falling to the that well known catfish bate, the pineapple boilie. One yes, two proved it was no fluke, you do have fruit loving catfish in the lake. I will never forget the girlie noise Barry made when we first saw that catfish hit the surface under his rod tip in the pure light of the day........priceless for everything else there's MasterCard.
That was just the fishing, I would recommend to anyone to try one of Dave's every night is a Friday night in the bar. Obviously huge amounts of alcohol and karaoke help with getting up for that screamer first thing in the morning. I have to say I don't think I will every beat the feeling of catching two twenties in the morning feeling as special as I did. One small tip for anyone at the bar though don't get too close to the gate as Zoe (the dog) is well trained in stripping your arm like a chicken wing. Let me tell you I'm no fairy but she scared the s&%t out of me. But I forgive her as she in fact saved Dave's life a little while back, I'm sure he will tell you the story if you visit. I would also recommend the evening meals especially the curry.
I speak for us all when I say thanks for a great week  Dave
See you next year!
Dean, Andy, Barry & Dave       0033 297516362 Address: Milin De Ruchec, 56540, St Caradec Tregomel, France
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