French fishing for Carp, Catfish & Sturgeon
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9th – 16th April 2005
72 fish caught in one week Only 16 fish were under 10lb (6 of those were Sturgeon)
12 fish over 20lbs (up to 29lbs 4oz)1 fish over 30lbs
I didn’t fish until 5pm on the first day due to a late arrival and didn’t fish at all on the Wednesday when I had a day off to play pool and arcade games in the bar, (I never imagined that I would want a “relaxing break” from fishing!!) This means that I only fished for 5 days and that a Carp over 20lbs was caught every sixth fish! Not bad considering it was only the second week of April and the lake was actually FROZEN the previous week with hailstones coming down the day before we arrived.
This also included 7 double hook up’s throughout the week of fish weighing up to 25lbs
My previous personal best of 28lbs 8oz was beaten by four of the fish caught and my new personal best is now 34lbs 5oz. This was confirmed to be one of the larger Carp stocked in February, only two months previously.
Stuart Gordon
Dear Dave,
Just to say a BIG thanks for our last weeks trip which we thoroughly enjoyed - best session I have ever had !
From the moment we arrived we were welcomed and it was if I had know you for years. The facilities at the 'Milin de Ruchec' were top class - sorry you didn't see me much at the bar, I couldn't seem to leave the fishing alone !
Thanks for all you advice and friendly chats on the bank. You have a Top set up at the 'Milin de Ruchec' with some 1st class quality carp - if I didn't live 900 Km's drive away down in southern France I would be wanting to book a session every other month !!
I caught 42 fish totalling 562 lb on my week long session including 5 twenties. I also broke two PB's with a new PB 25lb 14 surface caught mirror, and a beautiful new PB mirror at 31 lb 4 oz.
I would like to name the 31lb mirror 'Elodie' after my girlfriend if possible (she's going to love me for this !! - not!) Please find attached a few photos of some of my best catches as promised :
The beautiful Elodie at 31lb 4 A 26lb 14 mirror caught at night A outstanding 25lb 14 surface caught mirror A 24lb 12 mirror A 21lb mirror
It was really interesting to see the carp spawning at the end of the week. I'll be back in the near future for the 'Big Common' !
Thanks again Dave - hope to see you soon.
Best regards & tight lines,
Matt Richardson.       0033 297516362 Address: Milin De Ruchec, 56540, St Caradec Tregomel, France
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