French fishing for Carp, Catfish & Sturgeon
This lake is nearly 6 acres with depths up to 11 feet. The lake is fed by a complex system of pipes running through an oxygenating system this helps fish growth and helps keep the fish feeding in the hot summer months when a lot of lakes go very quite.

The lake has undergone a very heavy stocking program with nearly 7 tonne of fish added. The first stocking was in 2002 and the fish growth rates have been very good. The biggest Catfish that we have  stocked is 125lb this was in 2002 and has never been landed even though lots of people have hooked it.

The lake has one island in the middle and at one end there is a reed bed. There are no known underwater snags.

The access to the lake is very good and all the banks around the lake are grass. We also have a Tractor and trailer to deliver your tackle to your chosen swim.

Running down the side if the lake is a small river.

At the moment most of the Sturgeon are in the high double figures but they are growing very fast and god can they fight with most of them tail walking and jumping out of the water when hooked.

The Carp are also growing very fast due to the amount of feed going into the lake.

Due to the number of fish in the lake we have to feed them when people are not fishing.
Main lake
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