French fishing for Carp, Catfish & Sturgeon
The main lake has been stocked with over 7 tonne of carp, Catfish and Sturgeon between 10 - 42lb, Most of the fish where stocked in the year 2001. The Carp are a fast growing varite and lots of 30's and 40's  are caught most weeks. The lake now contains 7 different 50lb+ Carp and the lake record is a 55.13lb Mirror

The lake also contains Pike, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Trout and Black Bass.
When the Sturgeon where stocked  they where around the 3lb -15lb mark but the average size now caught is high doubles with the lake record being 42lb.

The Milin De Ruchec is over stocked and this is why we have to feed the fish when no one is fishing as there is not enough natural food, If you want to go to France and have the chance to catch lots of fish then i believe this is the place that it will happen you only need to click on the comments link to read about what people have caught.

Please visit the forum for catch reports each week and what baits they are being caught on.

It is not uncommon to catch 150lb of fish a day here and lots of people catch over a tonne of fish each in a week.
If you are the sort of person that likes to get 1 - 2 runs a week with the chance of a 70lb Carp then the Milin De Ruchec is NOT the place for you, But if you like to get lots and i mean lots of runs with also the chance of a huge Carp or Cats then i believe that the Milin De Ruchec cannot be beaten.
Most people that fish here do not bother night fishing and have a drink in the bar as they have caught loads of fish during the day and don't need to fish at night, You have to sleep some time and when you have got up 15 times in the night for runs you soon reel the rods in.       0033 297516362 Address: Milin De Ruchec, 56540, St Caradec Tregomel, France
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